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10 Tiny Electric Cars

for One or Two Passengers

(Future City Transport)



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People are always fascinated with miniaturized versions of things and cars are not an exception.

Remember all of those smarts, minis and tiny fiats?

Well, they are giants in comparison to the electric autos that we are going to show you today!

After all, EVs are all about efficiency and zero emissions, so if you are driving alone to work,

why would you want to carry around all of that extra weight of an SUV?

Are you intrigued about how small these things can get and wondering

whether you will be able to fit in? Well, lets take a look!


For more information about these electric cars follow the links below :


Microlino : https://microlino-car.com/de/microlino

Sondors Electric Car : https://sondorsx.com/

LSEV from XEV and Polymaker : https://polymaker.com/lsev-worlds-first-mass-produced-3d-printed-car/

Ampere Motor The One : https://www.amperemotor.com/

Arcimoto SRK: arcimoto.com E-go Life : https://e-go-mobile.com/en

Electra Meccanica Solo : https://www.electrameccanica.com/

Infiniti Prototype 9 : https://usa.infinitinews.com/en-US/releases/infiniti-reveals-prototype-9-at-2017-pebble-beach-concours-d-elegance

Vanderhall Motor : https://vanderhallusa.com/models/



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