Le coffret film : Un bistrot... des brèves de comptoir.

The magical work of a Men In Black in Paris : Blog of a Parisian neo-rural engineer based in Picardy. By J

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Why Feedbro?


We believe time is our most valuable asset.

We believe it is waste of valuable time to spend minutes or even hours every day to go through dozens of websites, blogs, social media sites etc. manually.

We believe that all the new information that you are interested in, should be automatically aggregated into one place from various sources you care about (both Internet and intranet) into easy-to-read format and automatically filtered based on the rules you define.

We believe that the faster you learn, gain new knowledge and information the better you will succeed in life as an individual and as an organization. Therefore it is vital to learn new things every day and follow relevant and valuable sources of information effortlessly.

We believe privacy is important so that only you know what sources you follow.



Lien : https://nodetics.com/feedbro/




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