L'activiste écolo Miranda Whelehan victime d'un

hallucinant mépris en direct

La chaîne youtube : YALEFEU



L'intégralité de l'entretien : Good Morning Britain :

Richard Madeley Clashes With

Climate Activist In Fiery

Oil Protest Debate | Good Morning Britain

Climate activist group XR protested across London this weekend to demand an end to the fossil fuel economy in coordination with the group Just Stop Oil. XR says it will work with other movements to block oil refineries across the UK and initiate a 'mass flood' of people in London, causing 'maximum disruption'. Meanwhile, the cost of living crisis means many people across the UK are paying more for fuel than they can afford. So, are eco activists right on oil - or is this a slippery slope?

Broadcast on 11/04/22



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