Top 10 NextGen Flying Taxi (eVTOL) Design ▶ 2


▶1. The UK's Bellwether Industries has built and flown a half-scale prototype of its stunning Volar eVTOL, and is preparing to release footage. It's the most brazenly futuristic design we've ever seen, a flying hypercar for a utopia even sci-fi doesn't dare dream up. 👉•


▶ 2. Ascendance revises the design for its long-range hybrid eVTOL France's Ascendance has released an updated design and range figure for its long-range, fan-in-wing, eVTOL air taxi. The Atea will use batteries and kerosene for energy storage, but its modular hybrid system will eventually support hydrogen as well. 👉•


▶ 3. Israel's Urban Aeronautics (UA) has announced it's going into full-scale development of its CityHawk VTOL flying car. The first manned flights of this hybrid-powered, 170 mph six-seater will take place in 2021-22, after which it'll be converted to run on hydrogen fuel cells. 👉•


▶ 4. Autoflight shows off its first eVTOL lift & cruise transition test Chinese eVTOL company Autoflight has released video of its first unmanned transition flight, moving from vertical lift to wing-supported cruise at speed. The video is a perfect demonstration of the common "lift & cruise" style of eVTOL design. 👉•


▶ 5. JetX tests non-tilting vectored thrust modules for eVTOL aircraft Orlando startup JetX is planning a configurable eVTOL "flying car" chassis, and testing a quiet, modular propulsion system that vectors thrust from bladed or bladeless fans without tilting them, opening up some interesting design possibilities. 👉•


▶ 6. Pantuo Aviation unveils China's answer to the Lilium Jet New render images and details have emerged on our favorite Chinese "I can't believe it's not Lilium" eVTOL air taxi project. The Pantuo Pantala Concept H, out of Shanghai, might look like the Lilium, but it promises to hit faster cruise speeds. 👉•


▶ 7. The Vehicle Redesign Company's NeoXcraft is an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vectored thrust high-speed vehicle that will fly, drive on land, and can land and take off on water. The project began in 2016 with operational testing slated for 2019 and certification in 2020. The NeoXcraft's feasibility and power optimization studies were undertaken by the University of Derby’s Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering in 2017. 👉•


▶ 8. Pilotless electric robo-taxis getting ready for take off An experienced team in Israel’s world-leading UAV industry recently unveiled Pentaxi’s prototype intended to transport cargo and eventually people. Pentaxi’s eVTOL (electrical vertical takeoff and landing) craft will be available in cargo and four-passenger models, able to carry up to 400 kilos (about 880 pounds) for 320 kilometers (nearly 200 miles) at a speed of about 240kph (150 mph). 👉•


▶ 9. Venezuelan native Aeronautical Engineer Nelson Salas, who recently relocated to the USA, founded Grug Group LLC in 2017. The Grug Group company currently services the aviation industry which includes aircraft sales, aircraft charter services, aircraft parts sales, aviation consulting, aircraft brochure design and creating aviation websites. However, the future main goal for Grug Group is to become a leader of manufacturing electric Vertical and Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, building multiple types models, each with different capacities, characteristics and features, and each made for specific purposes. In accordance with that goal, the Grug Group has also developed the Business eVTOL Jet, Ghost X V1, Ghost X V2.2, Ghost X V3, and the Personal eVTOL Jet. 👉•


▶ 10. The Clover Aero is the first piloted, three-seat eVTOL taxi designed for the new era of air mobility. The 120-knot cruise speed, 100-mile range, over one hour of endurance and a quick 15-minute recharging time ensure the Clover Aero is the eVTOL for the new era of flight. Clover Aviation, Inc. partnered with *PFD - *Phil Frank Design, LLC for development of the initial concept vehicle. 👉•


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