Top 10 NextGen Flying Taxi (eVTOL) Design ▶ 1

Safe, sustainable and integrated urban air mobility

▷ eVTOL: Electric, Vertical Take-Off and Landing


00:00 ▶ 1. Aufeer Design TX-0001 Flying Taxi (Concept)

01:31 ▶ 2. VA-X4 | Vertical Aerospace

04:00 ▶ 3. Eve Air Mobility | Embraer

05:50 ▶ 4. VoloConnect | Volocopter

07:00 ▶ 5. CityAirbus | Airbus

08:10 ▶ 6. EHang VT-30

08:43 ▶ 7. Kelekona

09:52 ▶ 8. Samad Aerospace


12:30 ▶ 10. Joby Aviation

▶1. The TX-0001 two (2) passenger VTOL flying taxi concept is a vision of future mobility technology. Due to autonomous technology, Aufeer Design envisions the occupants of future urban aircraft will simply program their itinerary and enjoy the ride in a futuristic metropolis. To date, we know of no plans from Aufeer Design to develop a working test bed or prototype of this vehicle. This design is simply showing to their clients and potential clients, the ability of their design team to create a beautiful and sleek VTOL aircraft using both graphics and video. 👉•


▶ 2. Vertical Aerospace targets 2024 certification on back of record pre-sales The eventual production VA-X4 air taxi promises to move a pilot and up to four passengers at speeds up to 202 mph (325 km/h) in near-silent operation, making around 60 dB in a hover and 45 dB in cruise mode. Using proven lithium battery cell technology that's out there and available now, the company says it will offer range figures over 100 miles (161 km) on debut – this figure will rise as cell chemistry improves. 👉•


▶ 3. Eve Air Mobility is a Brazilian subsidiary of Embraer which produces electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft and urban air mobility infrastructure. The company was founded on 15 October 2020. EVE is a brand that was idealized by the innovation division of Embraer called EmbraerX. 👉• 👉•


▶ 4. The VoloConnect does not only has a multi-rotor system. It uses a hybrid lift and push design with a purely electric drive. It's equipped with 8 individual motors, 6 of them are connected to free propellers generate the lift and two to ducted propellers providing the forward thrust. There is a main high-wing wing with two outriggers for the 6 VTOL propellers. The stern is V-shaped. 👉•


▶ 5. Airbus Reveals the Next Generation of CityAirbus Acknowledged as a pioneer of important design in the medical technology industry, BRO wheelchair by scewo ensures that people of restricted mobility meet their personal needs and independence. 👉•


▶ 6. EHang was founded in December 2014 in Guangzhou, China. EHang is an autonomous aerial vehicle technology platform company based in China and is pioneering the future of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aerial transportation through multiple proprietary products and services for air cargo service, fire fighting, new reporting, Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and more. 👉•


▶ 7. Kelekona says its lifting body, all-electric eVTOL aircraft will be able to carry 40 passengers or 10,000 pounds of freight on flights of up to 350 miles. Touting an eye-catching design that it says will transform payload/range margins for eVTOL aircraft, New York City-based start-up Kelekona says it will be ready to begin test operations with a scaled model by late 2021 or early 2022. The company is projecting a target payload of around 10,000 pounds for initial freight operations, or 40 passengers for subsequent commercial flights of up to around 350 miles. 👉• 👉•


▶ 8. Samad Aerospace continues to display progress of their E-Starling eVTOL aircraft, with its VTOL operations now having been announced to be fully functional. As of now, Samad’s development has been centered around their half-scale prototypes of the E-Starling, which has undergone various flight testing. While conventional flight was displayed back in March 2021. 👉•


▶ 9. STRATOSFERA VOLATILE Based on the same an ultra-light carbon fiber sphere of the “Acquatica” version, this lightweight eVTOL can accommodate up to two passengers for a unique and wonderful journey in the air. 👉• 👉•


▶ 10. Joby Aviation is a Californian venture-backed aerospace company, developing an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft that it intends to operate as an air taxi service. 👉•




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