Who really controls gas prices?

(not who you think)

Who is really responsible (or to blame) for high gas prices? I'm sure I don't have to tell you, that recently gas has become phenomenally expensive. And basically everyone has a different story of who we should blame. The truth is, gas prices are directly linked to the price of oil. And who controls the price of oil is complicated in many ways, but also kinda simple when you know who is pulling the strings behind the scenes. Long story short though, as with almost everything we talk about on this channel, it's all driven by money, and a small group of people and organisations who want to increase their profits by controlling the price of oil. For the most part though, it's got everything to do with OPEC, inflation, greed, government corruption, and a handful of oil companies who are controlling the supply. And in the end, leading to all of us at the bottom paying much more than we should. Who do you think is mostly to blame for high petrol prices? Let me know below.

0:00 - Why are gas prices so high?

0:58 - Breaking down gas prices

2:08 - Inflation is driving up gas prices

2:34 - Russia and OPEC

5:21 - Oil companies are controlling oil prices

8:26 - So who is to blame?

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